From the desk of Dora Sell:

To help our marriage last, my wife Robin and I do NOT share a bathroom.  I took over the guest bathroom to avoid the arguments over clothes on the floor (mine), creepy loofah sponges (hers), hair in the shower (ours), etc.

We each have a stylish digital bathroom scale in our separate bathrooms.  A few months ago, her scale’s battery died.  It was one of those flat disc shaped lithium batteries.  She put it in her purse so she could match it correctly with a replacement one at the store.

A few days later we had arrived in Montreal for a family vacation.  Robin is a very caring individual and always ensures that she has some spare change for those in need.  She doled out some dollars to a few homeless people that we saw in the city.  It wasn’t until we arrived back home, that she noticed she couldn’t find the dead battery in her purse. Those Canadians have some funky $1 and $2 coins and it seems that she must have placed the battery in a guy’s cup at the Central Train Station.  He probably thought she was just another cheap American.

The other day, I noticed that my scale’s low battery status was illuminated and I removed my battery and gave it to Robin.  She decided to go straight to Radio Shack and get two of them before it ended up in the helmet of our local firehouse’s charity drive.  That night I installed it in my scale and it still lit up LBS.  I told her that the battery isn’t working.  She explained that LBS is also the standard abbreviation for pounds.  I think the battery in my head needs replacing.


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One response to “From the desk of Dora Sell:

  1. Danny Chung

    Larry, I wish it’s as easy as replacing a battery for me..ha ha…

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