Such a Deal

ImageEverybody makes such a fuss about the huge savings they get at warehouse clubs and company stores or with frequent diner cards and coupons.  Then there are those familiar words, “I got a friend in the business”.   I’m a bit leery about all these savings opportunities.

Take for example Costco.  True they sell almost everything, but do people really need a ten pound bag of Craisins?  They now even sell caskets (and urns).  Personally, I’d be a bit embarrassed for the departed if I’m sitting at their funeral and the casket adorned with the name “Kirkland” passes by.  On they have a number of different choices to choose from including a pricey model made of galvanized steel.  I don’t see many reviews, but I guess that’s expected.  I imagine you can always find a psychic to garner ratings and reviews posthumously.  The other drawback to purchasing caskets at Costco is that they come in a multi-pack of 8.  They must be a favorite among mass murderers looking to cut costs.  Maybe the police should do a background check – Buying eight caskets at a time should raise some suspicion.

My wife places monthly orders at her company’s e-store.  She regularly stocks up on children’s Motrin (even though our kids are teenagers and it’s recalled every other month).  She buys every kind of first aid supply available.  I found a box of 8 X 8 wound care gauze pads (first choice amongst stab victims).  Whenever I ask her why she keeps buying all this crap, she says the old supplies have expired.  Expiration dates on Q-tips?  We’d save a lot more money if she never bought anything at her company store (though the rolls of first aid tape were perfect when I used them to redo the lines on our ping pong table).

Then there are the ½ price sushi deals.  Why would a restaurant offer half price raw fish?  I don’t want to know.

Last year I jumped on the Groupon bandwagon and bought myself $20 of pizza at an acclaimed pizzeria in Trenton, NJ for only $10.  It just expired, as I couldn’t find anyone who wanted to go to Trenton with me.  Even my family argued that it would cost more in gas than I’d save and we had great pizza right near our house without a 2 hour ride.


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  1. Danny Chung

    I don’t know where Costco get their bananas. Each is twice the size of regular supermarket offerings. I have to eat in two halves with a 30 minute halftime break in between.

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