The Whispering Gallery

My son the college student recently informed me that the Japanese phrase for fart, is literally translated as “Beef Whisper”.  It seems although he’s only a sophomore  he is already reaping the benefits of a college education.  Equipped with this new knowledge, I began to think…

There is a secret acoustic phenomena occurring deep inside Grand Central Station in NYC.  Actually, it’s not much of a secret as most people are always in the archway trying it out.  If one speaks directly into the corner of the wall, it can be heard clearly all the way across the noisy hall (If you haven’t tried it, and plan to, don’t read ahead or you might never try).  I wonder what would happen if one farted directly into the corner of the wall?  Would the person in the opposite corner hear it?  smell it?  Maybe that’s why it is named, “The Whispering Gallery”




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3 responses to “The Whispering Gallery

  1. Danny Chung

    Wouldn’t you have to stand on a stool, face away from the corner and pull your pants down to make the sound go across the hall? It can be a good father-son holiday project. Please come back and publish the result of your tests.

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