The Book

Put It In Your Act! is a collection of funny stories brought to you by first-time author, Larry Osman featuring illustrations by Alicia Puma.  Larry shares tales about his childhood, career, and family which culminate with the creation of a three minute stand-up comedy act.

Larry sometimes dreams of creating a stand-up comedy routine.  Whenever he tells his wife something he thinks is funny, she says “Put it in your act!” Hence the book’s title. 

  • Read how Larry’s plan to entertain a group of Hasidic children backfires.
  • Learn why somebody would willingly tie a hammer to a rope and throw it up a tree
  • Discover interesting side effects of asparagus, beets and coffee
  • Q – Whose family packed their luggage and traveled 1/2 mile to a week long summer vacation?  A – Larry’s family.
  • What year are you stuck in? – Do you call them dungarees or jeans?
  • How do you deal with uncontrollable laughter?
  • Would you admit to using a Flowbee?  Larry does.
  • Learn about a diet that actually works!
  • Can you spot celebrity look-a-likes?
  • Explore genealogy – Osman style
  • Cup or Cone?   

 Larry incorporates his brand of comedy along with a healthy dose of bathroom humor into this fun to read book.  Although this book is geared to fourteen year old boys, immature people of all ages should find it quite enjoyable. 


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Table of Contents

  1. Urine For An Adventure2. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

3. Family Secret

4. Location, Location, Location

5. Thou Shalt Not Do It Yourself

6. The Fine Art of Mentoring

7. The Obligatory Bathroom Humor Chapter

8. Time Warp

9. Glutton Free Diet

10. Go with the Flow

11. Laughter Is The Best Medicine – NOT

12. Hock A Mya Ding Ding

13. The Dreaded Holiday Dilemma

14. Kids Say the Darnedest Things

15. Scams & Pranks

16. Cup or Cone?

17. Put It In Your Act

Featuring the illustrations of Alicia Puma:



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